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This Can’t Be Real, But It Is: The Devastating & Sudden Loss Of Kobe Bryant And His Daughter GiGi

SPMA | 2 years ago
Around 2:30 PM EST, SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub learned about the tragic death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant (and his daughter Gianna Maria Onore). Devastating. Words cannot describe how we feel right now. When you hear news from TMZ, sometimes you stop and think twice. Is this real? At least...
Athletes Basketball

Meet the Dailey’s | Basketball Is Our Family

Stacey Leawood | 2 years ago
Once getting comfortable in the professional basketball world, many athletes start to think: what's next after I retire? For Eric Dailey Sr, he seamlessly made the transition from pro to CEO, founding Dailey Training International. Since playing 10 years of professional basketball in Europe, Asia, and South America, he's been...
Athletes Basketball

The Lufile Way: Canada’s Antetokounmpo Brothers

Stacey Leawood | 2 years ago
Like many aspiring athletes, Chadrack, Meshack, and Abednego Lufile had dreams of getting their first scholarship, their first championship, and their first professional contract. Not many aspiring athletes can ever fathom what it would be like playing alongside their siblings at the professional level. While they continue to all have...
Agents Basketball

The Youngest Woman Ever Certified As An NBA Agent, Colby Schinto, Chats With Us

Hayley Michie | 2 years ago
Well... this is a first for us. We've never had an agent featured on our SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub! So, when I first reached out to one after seeing her amazing stuff, I was hoping she'd agree. I couldn't be more pleased that she, Colby Schinto, agreed to chat. Colby...
Basketball Coaches

Honey Badgers Head Coach & GM Chantal Vallée Shares Highlights Of Her Illustrious Basketball Coaching Career

Phil Goldberg | 2 years ago
Chantal Vallée is the Head Coach of the University of Windsor women's basketball team in the fall and winter. In the spring and summer, Chantal is the Head Coach and General Manager (GM) of the CEBL's Hamilton Honey Badgers. As one of the most recognized coaches in Canadian basketball circles,...
Basketball Trainers

From Auburn To The NBA: Nuggets Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Claus Souza

Phil Goldberg | 2 years ago
Claus Souza is an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Denver Nuggets. Claus took to Instagram to make the announcement about 5 weeks ago, which timed perfectly with Nick Reick's recommendation to interview him. Before that, Claus was the popular and gregarious strength coach for the Auburn Women's Basketball...
Athletes Basketball

One On One With Well Known Canadian Basketball Player Ransford Brempong

Phil Goldberg | 2 years ago
Ransford Brempong is the Founder of WestCoast Training, Director of Operations at 3Point Basketball, Co-Founder of the Tall Player Project, and a former Canadian professional and amateur basketball player. In addition to his wealth of basketball knowledge and experience, Ransford is one of the most respected, humble, friendly, and bright...
Basketball Coaches

Raptors 905 Mentor Coach Justin Alliman Is Helping Young Basketball Talent Chase Their Dreams

Sam Bougha | 2 years ago
Justin Alliman is a Global Basketball Development Coordinator. Justin runs an international basketball organization called Dream Chaserzzz. At the same time, he's a Mentor Coach for the Raptors 905. Not to mention, he represents the NBA on many international initiatives. Justin Alliman is destined for NBA greatness. He's been a...
Athletes Basketball

OCAA: From Bench Warmer to Bronze Medalist in Women’s Basketball

Steenika Gilbert | 3 years ago
My name is Steenika Gilbert. I study Sport Management at Niagara College and I play forward for the Women's Basketball team. The start of my season with the Niagara Knights and playing as a OCAA athlete was amazing. I never expected to have my college basketball team turn into a family. My teammates helped me over come an illness I could not face on my own. With their love and support I went from a bench warmer, to starting playoff games.
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About Basketball

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Basketball is a great sport and is one of the earliest team sports children are exposed to.

Particularly in North America, there are many ways the sport pervades culture from a gym activity in school to high school to college and university to professional to international.

It is actually one of the most popular sports in the world but is also one of the most competitive.

There are a number of talented basketball players that just don't make it to the professional rankings.

Why do we have a section dedicated to this sport?

But can someone's love for this sport turn into a meaningful and long career? Whether you are a lifelong fan, former player or just someone who loves being around the sport, a career in this fantastic sport is definitely possible, but requires a lot of work to get there.

Through powerful interviews with people working in basketball in various roles, we let you discover the answers to your questions from successful people.

On this page, you will find out how to go about getting a job and building a career involving involves basketball. Following the examples of those who have developed careers in basketball themselves, you will learn what it takes to get there too.

Also, browse through interviews with people working as coaches, trainers, agents, scouts, and referees directly in the sport of basketball.

Moreover, you will find interviews directly with athletes invested in playing and working in the sport for life. Likewise, you will discover unthinkable careers involving basketball on the player side of sport from being an equipment manager to working in player operations.

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