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Sports agents serve as legal representation for professional athletes, thus being on the player side of sport. On this page, explore features on sports agents.

Agents Baseball

Professional Baseball Agent Derek Marques Shares His Journey With Us

Melissa Mihalis | 4 years ago
Derek Marques is a professional baseball agent and MLB Draft Advisor for Lakeridge Sports Management. I came across Marques while looking for someone who takes part in the success of professional baseball prospects. Little did I know Marques contributed to the success of multiple MLB teams and I could not...
Agents American Football

NFLPA Player Manager Rahman Anjorin Makes A Vast Difference On NFLers

Amanda Hope | 5 years ago
Rahman Anjorin, Player Manager within the Player Affairs Department at the NFL Players Association, works hard to engage new players entering into the league, helping them to identify their career needs and goals so that they can succeed both and off the field. Rahman in his career, displays humilty, impact,...
Agents Basketball

The Youngest Woman Ever Certified As An NBA Agent, Colby Schinto, Chats With Us

Hayley Michie | 5 years ago
Well... this is a first for us. We've never had an agent featured on our SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub! So, when I first reached out to one after seeing her amazing stuff, I was hoping she'd agree. I couldn't be more pleased that she, Colby Schinto, agreed to chat. Colby...

About Agents

Wonder what working as a sports agent is like? This page provides you with the answers from those that do it for a living.

Sports agents serve as legal representation for professional athletes, thus being on the player side of sport. They also represent coaches and managers.

What does one do working as a sports agent?

Most importantly, sports agents are responsible for negotiating deals for their clients. This could be deals between teams, sponsors, businesses looking to endorse, and many other opportunities. Ultimately, agents help their clients stay successful throughout their playing or coaching career and after.

Working as a sports agent also involves helping athletes with career and personal development. This is done through financial literacy and help them build a positive image.

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