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How Many Hockey Players On A Team?

SPMA | 6 months ago
A simple question with so many different answers! How many hockey players on a team? You will quickly see why this question has so many possible answers! Hockey is an incredibly popular sport that has many different formats. The most well-known version is, of course, ice hockey, which has its...

About Field Hockey

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What is this sport about?

Field hockey, first played in England, is a game somewhat similar to hockey but is played on a field and doesn't require a large amount of equipment. This sport is popular worldwide and has appeared in many Olympic games and continues to grow throughout high-school to a professional level.

Why do we have a section dedicated to this sport?

Field hockey is a popular sport worldwide and is available at many levels of play. It is a more accessible alternative to hockey, as it doesn't require the amount of expensive equipment.

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