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Looking to learn more about a career in soccer? You've come to the right place. Soccer is a great sport and is one of the earliest team sports children are exposed to. Particularly in North America, there are many ways the sport pervades culture from as a gym activity in school to high school to college and university to professional to international. It is actually one of the most popular sports in the world but is also one of the most competitive. There are a number of talented soccer players that just don't make it to the professional rankings. But can someone's love for this sport turn into a meaningful and long career? Whether you are a lifelong fan, former player or just someone who loves being around the sport, a career in this fantastic sport is definitely possible, but requires a lot of work to get there. Through powerful interviews with people working in soccer in various roles, we let you discover the answers to your questions from successful people. On this page, you will find out how to go about getting a job and building a career involving involves soccer. Following the examples of those who have developed careers in soccer themselves, you will learn what it takes to get there too. On this page, browse through interviews with people working as coaches, trainers, agents, scouts, and referees directly in the sport of soccer. Also, you will find interviews directly with athletes invested in playing and working in the sport for life. Likewise, you will discover unthinkable careers involving soccer on the player side of sport from being an equipment manager to working in player operations.