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Jay Prepchuk Focuses On The Fundamentals To Find Success In Football

Jay Prepchuk | QB Coach | Simon Fraser University

Jay Prepchuk is well known in the football community for his work as a QB Coach at the university level at Simon Frazier University where he was formerly a quarterback himself and the football camps he runs. This year he has taken a position with his alma mater, SFU, something that most high-level college and university players dream of doing. I had the great pleasure of speaking with Jay after having followed his work and attended his workshops and coaches’ clinics in Calgary and Winnipeg. He is an inspiring football coach and sports mind. Check it out!

× The interview with Jay Prepchuk was conducted via a typed conversation. Editing changes were made to make it easier to read while maintaining the voice of the interview.

You were the Quarterback of Simon Fraser University (SFU) during your university career setting the All-Time school record for passing yards. From your time playing at SFU, what has had the biggest impact on who you’ve become as a coach?

The biggest impact is just how important it is to work together to reach a common goal. Teamwork is so important to have success in football. I would not have been able to set SFU passing records if I did not have supportive teammates and good coaching. It is important to play as a team and support each other. It is also important for the older players to assist the younger players on the field, in the classroom and in life. The older players had a big impact on me during my playing career.

You were recently named the Quarterback Coach at Simon Fraser University. What does it mean to give back to your alma mater after the program gave you so much?

It is great to be back at SFU as a coach. I believe the program is heading in the right direction with the coaches we have. I feel like part of something special and really want the players to have the best experience ever. I hope that we can assist the players in reaching their goals on and off the field. I am excited to give back!

Who have been the biggest influences in your coaching career and how do you relay what you learned as a player to those you now coach?

My High school coach, Dave Pearce was very influential in my life as was Frank Smith the long-time UBC coach.

Both coaches taught me about passion, commitment, dedication and the details of the game. I have tried to bring those characteristics and the things that I have learned from those men with me in creating my coaching style.

You were a high school teacher and counsellor at Handsworth Secondary while also coaching their football team. What are the 3 most important things you teach your students from lessons you learned in football?

Three lessons I teach my students that I learned from football are:

  1. Be Committed
  2. Perseverance
  3. Believe in yourself

But most importantly, WORK HARD, nothing beats hard work!!!

You have come to be well known for having a positive attitude and charismatic personality with your public speaking. Who are three people that have made the greatest impact on your ability to inspire and motivate others?

  1. Dan Misisco
  2. Dave Pearce, my high school coach.
  3. My mom, Auriole Prepchuk.
  4. All of these people have common characteristics that are important in their positive impact on me. They are all passionate, dedicated, hard-working, driven, compassionate, enthusiastic, caring and competitive people. I am so thankful for all they have done in my life!

Matias Bueno Matias's Final Thoughts

It was fantastic to interview USports Quarterback Coach, Jay Prepchuk. His reputation for being a positive, kind and inspirational coach came through in this interview and reflect his life’s work in football and the classroom. I have had the pleasure of attending his workshops and coaching clinics and he has been a very successful coach at the high school and university level as well as a great mentor and inspiration to me. Giving back to his community is important for Jay and SFU’s quarterbacks are in great hands.

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